Meet the Team

samSam Alston

I am a graduate from the University of East Anglia, an active member of LJY-Netzer and been a member of KLS since birth. One of my favourite biblical stories is the story of Jethro a gentile who comes to visit the Israelites and gives Moses a lesson about law courts and non-jews. This story suggests justice and access to courts is considered universal in Judaism. If Israel is to be the state that we believe it can be then I think it is important that it embodies these values. Sponsor me by clicking here!


DAniel ben chorin picture

Daniel Ben-Chorin

I’m a 22 year old British-Israeli from London, studying for my MA in International Security at Sussex University. I’ve previously been involved in a successful campaign against a boycott of Israeli academia at Sussex. Sponsor me by clicking here! 




Daisy Bogod

I am a first year English Literature student at Leeds and an active member of LJY-Netzer. In the words of Anat Hoffman, ‘I believe that love is what remains after you know the truth’, and this is the basis of my Progressive Zionism. As a passionate advocate for fairness, justice and equality, I believe this campaign epitomises the Jewish values set out in the Declaration of Independence. Sponsor me by clicking here!


sarah brodie Sarah Brodie 

I’m a second year history student at the University of Bristol. I have been active in the Jewish community since my Bat Mitzvah, going on RSY Netzer summer camp and Israel tour, as well as teaching and being involved in multiple youth groups at my synagogue, Alyth Gardens. I wanted to be involved with this campaign because I love Israel and believe that it should function as a state that represents values of democracy and equality. Sponsor me by clicking here!



kate cohenKate Cohen

I’m in my second year studying Medicine and UCL. I grew up in New North London Synagogue where I now teach and am an active member of Noam. I joined the campaign because I believe that in order to seek peace, it is vital for the British Jewish community to engage with and educate on the realities of the occupation and to try and make a difference on the ground. Sponsor me by clicking here!


Ben CombeBen Combe

My name is Ben Combe. I am a student of English Literature hoping to go on to study English Literature and Film at university. I am a Rosh with LJY-Netzer where  I  have been a member for over 10 years and a member of Bedfordshire Progressive Synagogue. I am supporting this campaign because I believe that everyone has the right to due process. Sponsor me by clicking here!


Tom Francies Tom Francies

I am a second year movement worker at LJY-Netzer, where I have been a member for 9 years. As well as going (2007) and leading (2012) on Israel Tour, I was in charge of  LJY-Netzer’s gap year programme Shnat-Netzer last year and have been on numerous Israel-related seminars and trips. On top of Israel engagement, I enjoy long walks on  the beach, cocktails and animal conservation. On the campaign, I am representing the views of LJY-Netzer (for more information on LJY-Netzer please check out www.ljy- Sponsor me by clicking here!

Talya 1 Talya Finke

Hi everyone! I’m Talya, the Mazkira of Habonim Dror. Originally from Manchester, I moved to London after a year in Israel with Habonim to study medicine at Kings College  London. At university, I was president of the Israel Palestine forum and on the J-soc committee. I’m now taking a year out of medicine and studying management while I  work for Habonim. Growing up in a Zionist youth movement instilled me with a vision for the state of Israel as a just, democratic society based on the values of tolerance and  equality. Through being a part of this campaign, working for Habonim and making aliyah after I graduate, I hope to bring the vision of our founding fathers closer to reality. Sponsor me by clicking here!

Gabriel GGabriel Gendler

I grew up at New North London Synagogue and am a madrich on Noam. I visited the Ofer Military Courts with Yachad on their inaugural Student Trip in September. I’m a first-year university student, studying Mathematics at Cambridge. Sponsor me by clicking here!



Noa GendlerNoa Gendler

I’m Noa Gendler and I’m a second year English Lit student at Cambridge. I’ve been a madricha at NNLS, took part in a World ORT Future Leaders programme in 2011, and have attended seven Limmud Conferences. Last summer I was an educator on Noam machane, and the level of interest concerning the Palestinian narrative was astonishing amongst the kids as well as the madrichim. My first Yachad event was the student conference in September, which fed my own desire to work for a solution in which Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace with equal opportunities for self-determination. Sponsor me by clicking here!


Michael Golding picMichael Goldin

I am currently a postgraduate student studying Legal and Political Theory at UCL and have a particular interest in human rights law. Before going to university I spent three years studying in Yeshiva in Israel where justice and equality became an integral part of my Jewish identity. Children are amongst the most vulnerable members of any legal system and those that live under martial law in the West Bank are at particular risk. Therefore, I strongly feel that very least we can do is ensure that those who have to navigate this system do not do so alone and have professional and supportive legal counsel behind them. I care deeply about the State of Israel and it is because of that that I want it to live up to the noble ideals laid out in its declaration of independence. Sponsor me by clicking here!

Ben GBen Goldstein

I’m Ben, I’m in my third year studying politics and philosophy at Oxford, and I hope to study next year at the Hebrew University. As a proud boger of RSY-Netzer, I believe that ending the occupation  is the highest expression of Jewish and Zionist values – which is why this campaign is important to me. Sponsor me by clicking here!



JoeJoe Grabiner

I grew up at Alyth Synagogue and couldn’t help but realise that there were people all around me living out Jewish values by trying to make the world a better place. Now as a Yachad activist and youth leader in RSY-Netzer, I’m trying to give them all a helping hand. When not having fun in the Jewish community, I study Politics and Philosophy at LSE. Sponsor me by clicking here!


BeefJamie Herman 

I’m Jamie Herman and I’m a Movement Worker for Habonim Dror in Manchester. I am a Law graduate and have been actively involved with Habonim Dror since I went on Tour with them in 2008. I instantly decided to become involved with this campaign because it represents, in my opinion, the essential values of what it means to be a Zionist: Equality and Opportunity. Education and discussion is integral to creating the State of Israel that we are all proud to call our home, and now is the time for urgent action to make it all possible. Sponsor me by clicking here!

EmEmily Hilton

I’m an MPhil Student at the University of Cambridge. I previously studied History at UCL where I became involved with Yachad. I have been involved with Netzer Olami since the age of 14 and led Israel Tour for RSY-Netzer in the summer of 2013. I’m passionate about creating a more socially just Israel/Palestine through grassroots activism. Sponsor me by clicking here!


laura katan 2Laura Katan

I am a 20 year old student studying Arts and Sciences at UCL. I returned from a year in Israel with RSY-Netzer in June, and my experiences there have made me very passionate about Israel and the importance of understanding the reality on the ground today. I am delighted to be involved in something that can make a real difference, and raise awareness of what happens to Palestinian juveniles in the military court system. Sponsor me by clicking here!


LeaderJonathon Leader

I was born in Manchester and attended King David High School. I’m now in my 4th year of study for an MSci in International Relations and Global Issues at the University of Nottingham. A long-standing boger of Habonim Dror UK, having been on both Israel Tour and Shnat (Israel Gap Year), I developed a deep-rooted belief that the future of world Jewry and the state of Israel are intrinsically and fundamentally linked. I believe that as British Jews we have a responsibility to take ownership of that relationship and shape it in a way that reflects our ethical, Zionist and Jewish values of equality, social justice and tikkun olam. Sponsor me by clicking here!

beth levyBeth Levy

I’m Beth, I study Jewish history at UCL, and spent my gap year in Israel with RSY-Netzer. I’m joining the campaign because I believe as Jewish people we should be advocating for equality and human rights for every nation. Sponsor me by clicking here!



gavi pictureGavriella Morris 

Hi I’m Gavi. I am originally from Australia and I moved over to the UK when I was 4 and grew up in Leeds! I then studied Sociology at the University of Nottingham and have made the 200 mile journey down to London to work as a movement worker for RSY-Netzer! I grew up in RSY-Netzer and have been an involved bogeret (graduate) of the movement for many years! Growing up in RSY-Netzer has instilled in me the value of Reform Zionism, improving Israel to create a better society. I’m also interested in making a career in penal reform so issues of social justice, military courts and human rights are of huge interest to me. Sponsor me by clicking here!





Saul Muzlish 

I come from a strong Modern Orthodox background. I attend Pinner United Synagogue where I have been heavily involved in the running of youth activities for the past 10 years. As well as this, I was a Madrich at and then Rosh of Pinner B’nei Akiva for 2 years. I’m currently studying for a BSc in ‘Computer Forensics and Security’ in Leeds. Whilst in Leeds, I held a position on the Jewish Society committee, editing the weekly news publication available to all 1000 members and last year I was an NUS delegate. Sponsor me by clicking here!


louis pattersonLouis Patterson

I am currently studying Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Bristol. I lived in Israel on a gap year programme for 8 months in 2012-2013, where I worked at the Max Rayne Hand in Hand Jewish-Arab school in Jerusalem, which was recently the scene of an arson attack. Israel is the country I feel more connection to than any other, and that’s why I think this campaign is so important. Sponsor me by clicking here!


10378146_10152239254051776_1496424124325318537_n(3)  Gabriel Pogrund

Hello there, I’m Gabriel. I’m a madrich in RSY-Netzer and spent my gap year in Israel. I study Geography at UCL and edit a student newspaper, the London Tab. I also work as a  co-writer with Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner. The reality of the Military courts  doesn’t reflect democratic Zionist values and I think its important that the British Jewish  community engage with this issue. Sponsor me by clicking here!



Eli Eli Shafritz

I’m currently studying for a BA in War Studies and History at King’s College London and my motivation for this course largely came out of the deep concern I feel for the Israeli  Palestinian conflict. My connections with Israel stem from regular visits and culminate in me spending my gap year there with youth movement, Netzer Olami. The more my  love has grown for Israel, the higher my expectations have become of it. This important campaign is truly an expression of my strong sense of Zionism. Sponsor me by clicking here!



Natasha Shaw

I grew up in North West London, and attended Jewish state schools for my entire education before moving to the University of Nottingham to study English. Jewish-Zionist  education has always been a central part of my life. Being a part of RSY-Netzer has taught me the importance of hagshama, living out one’s ideology as well as the  power of  grass-roots movements. As a Zionist, I feel strongly connected to this campaign as I believe in the importance of striving to make Israel a ‘light among the nations’. Sponsor me by clicking here! 




shoshi Shoshi Stanton 

I come from a Modern-Orthodox community in Birmingham. I am now studying Physics and Philosophy at the University of Nottingham. I have been an active member of  the Jewish Society throughout my time at university, and was Social Action Officer on the 2013 committee. I also volunteer in a Jewish care home back in Birmingham. My  interest in social justice issues and the philosophical side of ethics drew me to this unique, complex and important campaign. In particular, I grew up in an area where  relations between the Jewish and Muslim communities were excellent, and I have many wonderful Muslim friends. Hence I feel strongly about causes which promote good  relations between (predominantly Jewish) Israelis and (predominantly Muslim) Palestinians. Sponsor me by click here!


Liron Velleman

I’m a second year Politics student at the University of Leeds and an NUS delegate for Leeds University Union. As an Israeli citizen and a Zionist, I want to see Israel flourish as a democratic and Jewish state alongside a thriving Palestinian state. I spent 7 years at JFS, served as joint campaigns officer for Leeds JSoc and have been involved with New North London Synagogue and NOAM. I recently attended the Yachad student and youth movement trip to Israel and the West Bank. Sponsor me by clicking here!


issacIsaac Virchis

I’m Isaac Virchis and I’m a member of New North London Synagogue and a madrich for Noam Masorti Youth. I’m a student at Oxford studying PPE and I’ve been involved with  Yachad for the past 2 years. I’ve joined this campaign because I believe that Israel is a democracy and democracy is underpinned by equality, transparency and justice. Sponsor me by clicking here!




Gabriel WGabriel Webber

I am a movement worker for LJY-Netzer, the youth movement of Liberal Judaism. I graduated this summer from Sussex University, where I was the returning officer responsible for overseeing fair student union elections. In my spare time I enjoy blogging, reading and Board of Deputies meetings. Sponsor me by clicking here!



JessJess Belle Weiss

I grew up in the North London community of Finchley Reform Synagogue and was a member of RSY-Netzer.  During my gap year I travelled around the West Bank and Israel and my experiences made me more determined to educate in my community about the reality of the conflict both on campus and in my synagogue. This outlook intensified during the Yachad Movement Workers and Student Trip this summer.  I am currently in my 2nd year at the University of Manchester, reading Middle Eastern Studies with a specific interest in Security politics and Gender. While not studying I am involved in various societies as well as Jeneration and writing for various student publications. My aspiration for the future is to become a War correspondent. Sponsor me by clicking here!

Ben WBen Winton

I am 23 years young, from a Modern Orthodox community and finishing my Philosophy BA at the University of Leeds. I support this campaign because it will make a tangible difference to Palestinian and Israeli lives. By ensuring that Palestinian children can obtain their human right to a fair trial, we can help dignify their communities and reduce the likelihood of their future generations resorting to extremism. For every Palestinian that sits in an Israeli prison for crimes they did not commit; signs legal papers in a language they do not understand; or be unjustly interrogated – Israel assists in perpetuating the cycles of violence in the conflict. For everybody’s safety and dignity, we should come to terms with these well documented realities and address them. Sponsor me by clicking here!