Welcome to the website for Kids Court in Conflict- the 2015 campaign of Yachad Youth.  Thanks to the generous support of hundreds of people, in just three short months we have successfully raised over £32,000 to pay for a lawyer to represent Palestinian juveniles in the West Bank. Alongside this we have engaged the British Jewish community in discussion and debate around this important issue. Please explore our website to learn more about our campaign and follow us on facebook to keep up to date with our news.

We are a group of young Zionist leaders from across the religious spectrum in the UK. We want to see Israel thrive as a sanctuary for the Jewish people that stays true to the democratic, tolerant and peaceful ideals it was founded upon. To read our story in depth explore the About Us section of our website.

In September 2014, 15 of us went on the Yachad Student trip to the West Bank. During our trip we learnt about the nature of detention of Palestinian juveniles under Israel’s military occupation. We heard about many issues that concerned us, including the treatment of children under arrest and aspects of the entire judicial process. We were most concerned by how few of the Palestinian children we met had seen a lawyer throughout the process of interrogation (read more about this issue).  It was a troubling reality to face but as young educators committed to Israel’s future and the values enshrined in her Declaration of Independence, we decided we wanted to return to Britain and start an important conversation in our community about this issue, and to support inspiring Israeli individuals and organisations working in the field to create change. We believe that if someone has committed a crime, they should be held accountable. Israel has a duty to ensure that it is a safe and secure nation. However, we also believe that every person is entitled to due legal process and that Palestinian children should have access to a lawyer throughout their judicial process.

What we have done

We have successfully raised over £32,000, smashing our £26,000 target in 2 months. The money is paying for an on call emergency lawyer whose time is dedicated to representing Palestinian juveniles throughout their entire judicial process. From February to April 2015, over 30 of us hiked, climbed, baked, ran and took part in a host of activities to raise this money.

We are delighted to report that our lawyer, Hamze Abu Meizer is providing legal assistance to Palestinian juveniles in the West Bank military court system.

Hamze is a resident of East Jerusalem and graduate of Al-Quds University School of Law, where he was vice-president of the student body. Hamze is a member of both the Israeli and Palestinian Bar Associations, and has been practicing both criminal and administrative law for the past seven years, with extensive experience in both military and Israeli civilian courts.

We look forward to keeping you updated on his progress!

Explore our website to find out how we in the British Jewish community can contribute to strengthening the rule of law and access to due legal process under Israel’s military justice system.